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    Mill Testing System

    Quality Managment System


    Since 1995, with strategy of improving and leading in a high quality products within the industry, Haohua hasembarked on an improvement of its production facilities.Haohua has introduced three advanced foreign purchased equipment for production of steel pipes.These equipments have formed its own core technologies. Further research and improvement to these production lines, both in productivity output and qualityhas laid a solid foundation for Haohua to move up the technology ladder. In 2003, Haohua established a technology center at the provincial level. This centre has cooperated with other academies, specialist and Institutes of Science to research and develop new technologies and products for the industry. Such achievements even became important parts of Haohuas own core technologies.

    Haohuas quality control office, approved as a National Level II Measuring Unit, are equipped with a universal testing machine, a testing machine for low temperature impact tests , a drop-weight tear testing machine of 30,000 joules, computer-controlled direct-reading vacuum spectrometer for chemical compounds, and a metallurgical microscope.


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    Tel: 0086-512-58220050 Fax:0086-512-58810865 E-mail: sales@haopipe.com
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