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    Stainless Steel U Tubes

    Heat Exchanger Tubes (U-bend or U-shape With Fin)


    ASTM A556M-88/ASME SA556 Gr.B2,C2;ASTM A688/A688M;ASTM A 312/213/269,ASME SA556 G3429/3459,ISO1129/2037/9329,GB/T14975/14976/13296
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    Heat Exchanger Tubes (U-bend or U-shape)

    ASTM A556M-88/ASME SA556 Seamless cold drawn steel feedwater heater tubes (ASTM A 556 ]M - 88 / ASME 556 /ASTMA556M-88/ASME556)

    ASTM A556 is a brief summary of the referenced standard. It is informational only and not an official part of the standard; the full text of the standard itself must be referred to for its use and application. ASTM does not give any warranty express or implied or make any representation that the contents of this abstract are accurate, complete or up to date.

    he tubing sizes covered shall be 5/8 to 1 2/4-in. [15.9 to 31.8-mm] outside diameter, inclusive, with minimum wall thicknesses equal to or greater than 0.045 in. [1.1 mm].

    Standard:ASME SA556 Chemical Compostion



    C %

    Si %

    Mn %

    P %

    S %


    0.27 max

    0.10 min


    0.030 max

    0.030 max


    0.30 max

    0.10 min


    0.030 max

    0.030 max

    Mechanical Properties


    Tensile Strength MPA

    Yield Strength MPA

    Hardness HRB


    410 min

    260 min

    79 min


    480 min

    280 min

    89 min

    Each U bend tube of our range is rigorously quality checked by our team of talented professionals on every stage of production to deliver the clients defect free best quality products. These U bend tubes can be custom designed in various diameters as per the requirements of our clients.

    Application: Boilers, heat exchangers, super heaters, condensers

    Production Standard, Grade, Steel No:

    ASTM A688/A688M-Welded Austentic Steel Feedwater Heater Tubes.

    ASTM A 312/213/269,DIN 17458/2462,BS3605/1,JIS, ASME SA556G3429/3459,ISO1129/2037/9329,GB/T14975/14976/13296 and so on.


    TP304,TP304L,TP316,TP316L,TP321,TP310S,TP347H,TP316Ti, Carbon steel,alloys and so on.


    The removal of beads is done as per standard specifications.

    Bead is cold worked.

    It is brought in level with the base metal.

    Before heat treatment on tube mill, bead rolling is made in-line.

    This will help in recrystallization of weld structure.

    The weld structure will also homogenize faster in annealing process.

    Length: unbending length or fix length

    Mill test certificate: according to EN 10204 3.2

    Packing: Wooden cases, bundle or plastic bags, plywood boxes

    Oil-dip, Varnish, Passivation, Phosphating, Shot Blasting.

    Features :'U' bending is done by cold working process.

    'U' bending is done to the required radius as per customer drawings.

    The bend portion and six inch leg is stress relieved by resistance heating.

    Inert gas (Argon) is passed through it at the required flow rate to avoid oxidation in ID.

    The radius is checked for its OD and wall thinning with the recommended specification.

    The physical properties and micro-structure is checked at three different position.

    Visual inspection for waviness and cracks is done with Dye Penetrant Test.

    Each tube is then hydro tested at the recommended pressure to check for leakage.

    Cotton ball test is done to check the ID cleanliness of the tube.

    Thereafter pickled, dried, marked and packed.

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    Tel: 0086-512-58220050 Fax:0086-512-58810865 E-mail: sales@haopipe.com
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